Please help save our sweet pup.

Mindy,2wks     Mindy, 5wks

This is Mindy, a little mixed retriever pup we found nearly dead behind a dumpster when she was only a few days old. My 7-year old daughter and I brought this precious pup to the vet where she got fluids and nutrition through IV and a tube in her nose that went down to her stomach. She began eating on her own after about 8 days, and she was doing great. We were allowed to take her home after 2 weeks with proper instruction on how to prepare her puppy formula, warm her bottles, clean her face and bottom like her mom would have done, and all-around care for her. Day and night, we raised her as she was our child. We bonded with her. I slept with her on my chest, and she’d nuzzle our arms when she was awake, squeaking and looking for food. My daughter was really good at feeding her with the bottle, and Mindy was growing and doing really well. Three more weeks passed, and Mindy seemed great. She gained weight, grew, played a little, slept a LOT, but one morning I woke up to her coughing pretty violently. I called the vet, and brought her in. They did x-rays and blood tests, and determined that her tiny lung was filling with fluid. They took a sample, and found cancer cells. I felt absolutely helpless, and my heart sunk. My daughter and I found this pup, named her, nursed her, saved her, helped her LIVE. We both bonded with her very much, and now I found this out.

The initial vet visit and stay cost me $700, which they are kind enough to let me pay in 2 payments, but now I’ve been told that surgery to remove the lung will most likely have a very good outcome since the cancer has not spread, but it will not be a small amount of money either. The surgery to remove the lung, plus the stay, and post treatments will run a total of about $4500, and though I can easily afford the normal every day cost of keeping a dog, I can’t afford to save this precious baby, and the heartache is killing me, especially that I will have to tell my daughter too.

So, I’m praying and praying, and here I am, reaching out to you: complete strangers all over the country, all over the world, to ask for an enormous favor to please help me save a precious little life. Please help save Mindy.

Thank you, and bless you,